Sonic Superiority

Your performance - how its meant to be heard. Wether you are looking to capture the intimate imperfections and vibe of a solo vocal and acoustic guitar or the pristine, slick production of your favourite big budget band, get in touch!

Being a multi-instrumnetalist myself puts me in the shoes of the drummer. bass player, guitarist, keyboardist and singer ensuring that every part deserves the attention and detail it deserves, nothing is overlooked.


Time Alignment - 99% of drums you hear in your favourite tracks have been time aligned and edited, so for your band to sound on par with these big records your's do to! This doesn't mean your drums are going to sound robotic or fake, the original performance is all retained but put onto the grid for excellent consistency and groove. The bass guitar and drums are the power in a mix and when these 2 instruments are not aligned a lot of power is lost so its key to build your track on the rocks, instead of the sand!

Drum Replacement - Not happy with the sounds you've recorded? I have a large library of industry standard samples as well as top drum replacement software that will mean that your drums can sound like they were recorded in a world class studio. However nothing beats capturing it first hand. 

BASS guitar

As mentioned the bass and drums need to be in the pocket for a tight and powerful sound, getting and great tight, consistent bass performance is key but this can be edited and again, the result will just be a great performance, completely transparent. Using the latest software I can reamp using branded amp simulators or have access to top of the line heads with which I can re-amp your performance through,


Great performance is key to all tracks but you can be sure we'l achieve a great tone and editing guitars is again a standard to give your track extra attack and punch. With access to world class amps and guitars, even if you don't have the gear yourself, world class tone awaits!


Vocal production is very important and being a singer myself I know how to get a great performance out of my clients, keeping you totally at ease and getting the best out of you, which when your on a time limit is the number one priority. I have industry standard tuning software also which will give your vocal that pro sound and again is completely transparent.


FULL PRODUCTION - Engineer / Mix / Master

ENGINEERING - You want a professionally engineered track ready for mixing, look no further!

POST MIXING - You've already recorded your tracks? No Problem, send me your stems and I can mix them for you!

DRUM EDITING - Drums out of time/sloppy? Depending on the level of performance, the could be fixed. 

VOCAL TUNING - Captured a great performance but some of the tuning is off, don't fret! Transparent vocal tuning is available.

CONTACT PHIL ON or CALL 07738 289370